Hosting Your Website on Github

Hosting Your Website on Github


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Most beginners in web development face the issue of creating websites but unable to host it or display on the web. That's were GITHUB comes in YAY!!!

In simple terms , Github is a platform to host your website. Also,gitHub is a highly used software that is typically used for version control. It is helpful when more than just one person is working on a project. Say for example, a software developer team wants to build a website and everyone has to update their codes simultaneously while working on the project. In this case, Github helps them to build a centralized repository where everyone can upload, edit, and manage the code files. Let's get started

  • Open a github account

login page.png

  • Creating a new repository for the website

A repository is like a folder for your project. Your project's repository contains all of your project's files and stores each file's revision history.

Screenshot_2020-07-27 Abiola-Farounbi - Overview.png

  • Fill in the name of the repository and add description about the website

Screenshot_2020-07-27 Build software better, together(1).png

Yay !!! , Our repository has been created. Screenshot_2020-07-27 Abiola-Farounbi MyFirstWebsite(1).png

  • Now to add the files to the repository Using the option 1 ,navigate directory or folder of the project using the command line


After navigating to the path of the directory,then follow the instructions from option 1


Note- since we adding files , we are going to use

git add .

To enable us to add all the files in the folder Go back to the Repository, the files would have been added

Screenshot_2020-07-27 Abiola-Farounbi MyFirstWebsite(2).png

- Using Github Pages

You can host a static website(Websites built with HTML) on GitHub pages free of charge, with deploys straight from Git.

Make sure you save your main html document as ' index.html'

Follow this Steps

  1. Go to the settings of your repo Screenshot_2020-07-27 Abiola-Farounbi MyFirstWebsite(3).png

  2. Scroll down to github pages and change the source to master branch. After the page reloads, Screenshot_2020-07-27 Abiola-Farounbi MyFirstWebsite(4).png

  3. Click on the link provided and viola !!!
    Screenshot_2020-07-27 MY FIRST WEBSITE.png

So with this you can create websites and display it on the web easily . If you face any issues,feel free to leave a comment below.